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This is the one sailing event in the southeastern United States, where you have a chance to have your name engraved, for posterity, on the historic Lipton Cup Trophy.


Sir Thomas Lipton participated in the America's Cup challenges and donated trophies around the world with the intent of promoting the sport of sailing.  Such a historic trophy sits in our very own trophy case for you and your boat.  The competition is strong but the reward is priceless.

The Lipton Cup was another resounding success.

We were due a tough year with the weather and we got it. In fact a very tough week for our committee boat MaineStay and crew Paul and Genie Flynn, Dan Kolassa and Art Carpenter.

They survived some big seas at the St Augustine Race Week and then came back south for more of the same with The Lipton Cup. Thank you guys for keeping SYC on the map. This time Bill Preston took out Waterbird, but alas, they also, they also had to give in to the waves.

As a result sailors Phil Cornett, John Jacobs and Dave Brangaccio put their heads together and came up with one race on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Smyrna Yacht Club believes that it is important that the Lipton Cup delivers competitive sailing combined with the best social events possible. We must have both if we are to sustain this event and my reports say we did it again this year.

So was the Tiki busy? You bet it was. Rose and the professionals were ably supported by the whole Lipton Cup Social team aided and abetted by Pusser's.

As if that were not enough; how about Pastime Princess and then Saturday night. The band was great and the food was great. The awards ceremony on Sunday was yet another food bonanza.

Our sponsors came through for us yet again and made this an event to remember.

A great weekend supported by dedicated members and an enthusiastic SYC staff.

There were many late entries coupled with last minute cancellations, when people saw the weather. A challenge for the registration table. We ended up with 31 entries and 23 boats actually competing. They tell me that once you bit the bullet and headed out the inlet it actually became fun.

You can see the full results attached below.

For the second year running St Augustine Yacht Club dominated the team competition. The Rudder Club came determined to take the cup back but will have to try again next year.

I very much regret that I was not able to be at the event this year, but my boat Incommunicado did make a valiant effort.

PHRFection takes first place in the Spinnaker Class

Scallywag takes first place in the Non Spinnaker Class

Skybird takes first place in the Cruising Class

Lipton results-2016 4.28.2016.xls

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