It would be our pleasure to introduce you to our Club and give you a guided tour of the property during regular business hours.  Smyrna Yacht Club is a private club, owned and operated by its membership. 

Any person over the age of twenty-one may be elected a member of this Club upon the terms and conditions provided by the bylaws. There shall be no discrimination against any individual; because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, handicap, age above the age of 21 or marital status in evaluating an application for membership in the Club. All candidates will need to secure two sponsors who are current members of the club that are in good standing to whom the candidate is personally known.

The Club offers the following classification of memberships regular members; intermediate members; out-of-state members, introductory members, and legacy members. Please read below for a brief outline of each category and find the one that fits you best and request information through this website.

Regular Membership
Regular members shall have all the privileges of the Club, use of all facilities, dockage as available and one vote per membership on matters requiring approval.

Intermediate Membership
Intermediate members are composed of persons 21 to 45 years of age. This classification carries all the privileges of regular membership except the right to vote or hold office. Conversion to the appropriate membership category at the beginning of the dues year following the member's 45th birthday.

Introductory Membership
Introductory membership is good for a period of any four (4) consecutive months. Club privileges and fees are determined by the current Board of Governors. This membership is limited to one per lifetime, per household.

Out of State Membership
Out of State members must have their principal residence outside the State of Florida and reside in New Smyrna Beach or environs for not more than six months and fifteen days per year. Proof of out of state residency is required. Dockage and voting privileges are not applicable to this category.

Legacy Membership
Legacy members is for any children over the age of 21 of any current Smyrna Yacht Club member or their spouse. The Legacy parent must be one of the two (2) required sponsors. All privileges are extended to members in the classification.

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