Sailing Classes

  • The Smyrna Yacht Club works in conjunction with the New Smyrna Beach Parks & Recreation Department to offer Youth Sail Training for 10-20 year old youth.
  • Classes in 2019 will be for one week starting on 10th June and the 24th June.
  • Scholarships are available upon application.

Please contact John Healy  on 845 389 9583  for more details. The scholarships are available as a result of Smyrna Yacht Club's membership with The First Coast Sailing Association.

Click here to view the New Smyrna Beach Parks and Recreation Department Sailing Camp Page

We also run one adult class per year, which is principally for members. We can take up to 10 students and will make places available to the public, although members must take priority.
The class in 2019 will start on October 7th.
See the member Application Form and Must Have's below.

Please contact John Healy on 845 389 9583 for more details.