SMYRNA Yacht Club's Lipton Cup 2019

Friday April 5th - Sunday April 7th 2019
The conditions were not as variable as 2018. There was just so little wind the whole time. I guess it is hard to make sailors happy all the time.  
We delayed the start of the first race on Saturday waiting for the wind. Then we had, maybe, 5 knots of wind so off we went only to find the ocean full of holes and it became a competition about, who could be in the right part of the ocean at the right time.  
We struggled on and our PRO Robert Armes proposed, that we shorten the course to just one windward leg of about two miles. The faster boats completed the course in 1 ½ hours, with Division 2 & 3 taking about 1 hour and 40 minutes.  
We now had all the boats at the windward mark two miles off shore and we decided that the second race would just be a downwind run, which enabled the spinnaker boats to show their true colors.  
Sunday at the club dawned with no wind and we decided that it would be a late start. Out on the ocean it was not much different, but we went for the full course. It took Division 2 & 3 boats about 2 hours to go once around and the spinnaker boats 2 ½ hours to go twice around, so clearly there was a little more wind than on Saturday.
The attention to detail by the PRO and all aboard the committee boat and the mark boat enabled us to complete 3 races. It was challenging and not quite as spirited as we would like, but still great fun. Click on the links below to get the full results.
Lipton overall results-2019.pdf
Lipton results-2019 Race 1.pdf
Lipton results-2019 Race 2.pdf
Lipton results-2019 Race 3.pdf

Click on the links below to get the full 2019 Sailing Calendar
2019 SYC Sail Program.xls
Regatta Registration Form 9.23.2015.pdf
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Here are the results from SMYRNA Yacht Club's Lipton Cup 2018

The 2018 Lipton Cup Regatta
The one thing I have learned is that every one is different and that we will all have a different experience. It is easy to say it was another great event even though we canceled  Sunday due to doom impending weather and then were unable to fit in a third race on Saturday. Of course; the weather was not as bad as predicted on Sunday but it was blowy.

We thought we would have good wind on Saturday morning so we went for two mile legs. As the first wave crossed the line the rain came in sprinkles and the mist started to close in. We did not know what it was like 3 miles out in the ocean. We do know that suddenly we could see no boats.   Then, of course, the wind died, at least on the beach to about 4 knots.

The results can be assessed below.

As you can see the first race took up to 3 hours and a few people finished on course.   It was however an invigorating race for some.   As a result of the finicky conditions for race 1 it was nearly 2.0pm before the start of race 2, which was changed to a windward/leeward race due to the malfunction of our new race marks. That’s another lesson learned. We have spares.  

By this time the sun was out and it was a stunning day. It was near to 4.0pm by the time this race finished. Although we have yearned to sail off in to the sunset on occasions, we decided it was time to call it a day.   There was no real Tiki party as everybody was rushing to become presentable for the Saturday night party in the club.  

So, it was yet another different Lipton Cup, but I think it was still another one to be counted.   The full results can be found below, but I will summarize:
Lipton Cup 2018 Overall Results                  

Division I     Team Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 PHRFection     SAYC    1     2           3
2 Obsession        HRYC    3         1           4
3 Morning Dew      HSA    2         4           6
4 Scallywag            RC      4         3           7
5 Amigo                 SYC    5         5          10
6 Strange Bird     HRYC    6          6         12              

       Division II        
1 Incommunicado SYC      2          1          3 (TIE BREAK) 
2 Paloma               SYC    1          2          3
3 Ariel                   SAYC    4          3          7
4 Jenny Lind         NONE  3          5          8
5 Sassy                 SYC      5          4          9              
     Division III        
1 Sailaway             SYC    1          1          2
2 Veria                  SAYC    3          2          5 (TIE BREAK)
3 Copperhead      HRYC    2          3          5
4 Meluzina            HSA      5           4         9 (TIE BREAK)
5 Voyager         TOWN MARINA      4           5         9
6 M’Aingeal         NONE                  6           6        12              

1 SYC         1              1             2                    4
2 SAYC          1              2             3                    6 
3 HRYC        1              2             6                     9              

Lipton overall results-2018.xls       
Lipton results-2018 Race 1.xls
Lipton results-2018 Race 2.x

The Spice Cup

The Spice Cup is a series of up to 12 races held on the first Wednesday of each month in the Ocean off of Ponce Inlet. If you would like to crew or experience a little sailing, meet us at The Tiki Bar any Wednesday at 9:30 am. We also welcome boats from other Clubs to join us in the ocean and to race with us.

SYC Sailors

SYC Sailors have 5 Precision15 boats, which they sail almost every Saturday, January through May. They have at least one pure fun day every month to give people a chance to see if sailing a small boat is for them.

SMYRNA Yacht Club's Brewer's Cup 2018
We were still not blessed with the perfect downwind race, but 19 boats took part in a great fun day on the water. The wind fluctuated between west and north west and from 5 to 10 knots with occasional 18 knot gusts towards the end of the race.   There was only 21 minutes difference in finish times between the first and last boat.

The results are shown below:
1st Place   David Brangaccio Paloma
2nd Place Max Mielke Mick
3rd Place Tony Porterfield Tacky

Click on this link for the full results: 
2018 Brewer_s Cup Results.xlsx

About the Brewer's Cup:
A long-standing tradition, Smyrna Yacht Club has hosted the Michelob Regatta each October since 1999 attracting between 20 and 30 participating boats from across Central Florida -- a notable feature on the Indian River. This is the 6th year of the new Brewers Cup sponsored by Smyrna Yacht Club. The Brewers Cup is a downwind pursuit race with a staggered start for any and all sail boats that can navigate the Indian River. More specifically, the Brewers Cup is a downwind “FUN” race occurring between the Smyrna Yacht Club and Mosquito Lagoon, a distance of about 10 miles. The direction – either racing North or South -- is chosen to create a downwind race which allows many of the boats to fly their colorful spinnakers. The race will have a staggered start so that as many boats as possible will finish close together. This is probably the most spectacular sailing event of the year based on close quarter spinnaker competition.   For more information, contact Genie Flynn at  Participating sailors do not have to be members of any yacht or sailing club.  There are two boat ramps within 1 mile of SYC. The easiest is Edgewater just to the south of SYC.

Regatta Registration Instructions.docxRegatta
Registration Form 9.23.2015.pdf

starts on October 12th with our own Chicken Island Race. Other Clubs are welcome to come and compete and can use our Precision 15's if they wish.
The Brewers Cup will take place on Saturday October 26th.
The Old Men of the Sea/SYC Sailors Banquet will take place on Saturday 2nd November.
We have allowed a space on Saturday 9th  November for a Precision Boat Challenge with a local club.